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Math Works! Guide

The Math Works! Guide is a companion piece to the TEAL Just Write! Guide. The Math Works! Guide represents the culmination of 2 years' work in identifying research-based instructional practices in the content areas of mathematics and numeracy. It synthesizes important practices and competencies represented in current research on math instruction.

TEAL Just Write! Guide

The culmination of two years of work in identifying research-based instructional practices in the content area of writing, this guide is a resource for ABE teachers. It is intended to increase familiarity with evidence-based writing instruction and to facilitate translation of research findings into teaching practices and products that will enhance the quality of instruction delivered to adult learners.

Recent Publications

Three recent and significant publications—all meta-analyses of large-scale research—inform effective practices in writing instruction.

cover photo of a publication

Writing Next: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing of Adolescents in Middle and High Schools

By Steve Graham and Dolores Perin

cover photo of a publication

Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading

By Steve Graham and Michael Hebert

cover photo of a publication

Informing Writing: The Benefits of Formative Assessment

By Steve Graham, Karen Harris, and MIchael Hebert

Hot Topics: UDL

Photograph of a smiling woman resting on a stack of textbooks Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides a blueprint for designing goals, methods, materials, and assessments to reach all students, including those with diverse needs. Grounded in research on learner differences and effective instructional settings, UDL principles articulated by the National Center on Universal Design for Learning, call for varied and flexible ways to:

  • Present or access information, concepts, and ideas (the "what" of learning),

  • Plan and execute learning tasks (the "how" of learning), and

  • Get engaged—and stay engaged—in learning (the "why" of learning).

Learn more by watching videos on the UDL Channel


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